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I know that you can get me through the night.

Hey, Hi, Hello welcome to my blog. I can't really say what you'll find here, there'll be a mishmash of interests, though I do my best to use this more for my art and ramblings, as well as randomly reblogging friend art from time to time.

My interests lie in Anime, Cartoons, Comics, Movies and Music, I also like nature and things that are slightly macabre. My mom always said I was a crow in a past life as I am drawn to things that sparkle and shine.

I believe in the paranormal and get super excited about astronomy.

okay so. This here is the difference in colour from my cintiq and my monitor. The top being my monitor the bottom being my cintiq ;A; the bottom is what I WANT to be accurate and I really hope they are because I don’t want to fudge around with the colours once this is all done.



Good Guy Zack, Part 1


and the last one.

future me is crying at the prospect of all those roses.


Second last piece I had to plan out.

re-did the colours for this one. This is a case of I really hope my tablet is the acurate colours because wow on my main screen this looks awful XD

BUT I like this better than what I did before. SO sorry for spamming you with this again

Continuous seems odd to me just because everyone does pages because weaker computers get bogged down (supposedly??) by continuous. Very help

Even not so weak computers can get pretty bogged down from my experience. I like the page views myself. Haha yes very help <3

Changed my theme today

Do you prefer page navigation or continuous scrolling?

And three more down, two to go. I feel like when it comes time to finalize and paint these I’m going to have a lot of fun. And hopefully it wont take me too long.

More art =D

I’m redoing the Lava monster one XD so thats why its here with the others again.

Is your art based on/inspired by fiction stories you like? Your art looks like scenes from a cool fantasy world with dark-skinned elves, and the dark skin part is a nice departure from Tolkien.

Sometimes, Not always but it is definitely a thing that happens, though its usually more to do with music and videos I’ve seen.

Mostly I just like having a diverse string of characters to play with.

A lot of the elf like characters I draw tend to be based out of my own little worlds I’ve made for creating characters and whatnot. So it really all depends.

This one is my fave of the bunch so far. It’s probably also going to remain my fave as I work on them. Colouring them is going to be a blast ;A;

I’ve done versions of this before with my dream weavers but the dream weavers have changed visually in my mind lately and I really like this ;A;

this one looks so bad on my main monitor but I really like the copper kettle ;A;

As long as they look okay when I get them printed its allll good. and I know my main screen isn’t accurate at all for prints. So I’ll ignore that.

This one is the most worked on so far. I’m also super enjoying playing around with elements I’m not used to. I don’t normally draw monsters and its meant to be the focus of this. It’s definitely going to change as I go on.

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